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175th Street Over I-57 


Date of Performance:



Completion Date:


Project Location:

Cook County, IL



Illinois Department of Transportation


Project Role:


Engineering Civil Engineering Design Services

Dollar Value of Project:

$3.48 Million

IDOT PTB 198-005 District 1 Various - Various Contract 62P10

Garza Karhoff Engineering (GKE), as the prime consultant, provided Phase II structural engineering and civil engineering design services for the rehabilitation of the 175thSt bridge over I-57.The scope of rehabilitation work included replacement of the existing concrete deck, replacement of the vaulted span concrete slabs, replacement of the approach slabs, resurfacing of the approach roadway, and various structural repairs to the pier, abutments, and slope walls. This work was completed as part of GKE’s ongoing Various-Various design contract with IDOT District 1.


In coordination with the Cook County Department of Transportation and Highways, the existing traffic lanes and sidewalks were reconfigured to accommodate future needs by including a 10-foot multi-use path on both sides of the bridge and a consideration for future lanes in both directions. Another reconfiguration involved making the existing continuous steel girders fully composite by adding shear studs along their entire length. As a result of these changes, a detailed analysis of the existing substructure and foundations was performed to ensure they were capable of supporting these new loads.


GKE was overseeing two subconsultants for the project. GKE’s role involved coordination between the client and consultants to ensure information was provided for the structural and civil engineers. GKE’s civil engineers packaged each milestone submittal to IDOT. GKE prepared the Cost Estimate, Estimate of Time, Special Provisions, and plans

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