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AIDS Garden 


Date of Performance:



Completion Date:


Project Location:

Cook County, IL



Chicago Park District

Project Role:

Structural Engineering Design Services

AIDS Garden Chicago is dedicated to those who have lost their lives, are fighting, or helping to eradicate the HIV/AIDS disease and serves as a new greenspace in the community including areas designed for reflection, education, honor, and pride. This project involved the design of the new park near Belmont Harbor on Chicago’s lakefront, which has historically served as a gathering place for the gay community.


The park design includes gardens, the most notable being a memorable grove of Gingko trees and a perennial garden of natural plantings, that community members can interact with directly and help maintain. The park also features a retaining wall with bronze leaves inscribed with the names of donors and a 30-foot-tall sculpture centerpiece by Keith Haring entitled “Self Portrait”.


Garza Karhoff Engineering served as the Structural Engineer of Record for the design and plan development of the foundation for the “Self Portrait” sculpture, along with the design of the 5-foot-tall retaining wall with bronze leaves. Due to frequent highwater in the area and very poor soil conditions, extensive geotechnical coordination was necessary when designing the foundations for these structures.

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